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What is CinemaPlus?

CinemaPlus is The Operating System for Modern Cinema, a complete managed platform providing the technologies and services that enable cinema operators to provide better overall user experience, become more efficient and increase revenue and profitability.

  • CinemaSuite from CinemaPlus helps cinemas manage their entire online/mobile presence including website, online ticketing, online concession sales, mobile app, email and text messaging.

  • Elev8 from CinemaPlus creates captivating social and email content that not only reaches, but also engages your audiences, helping you rekindle the magic of the silver screen. Our fully integrated and managed social and email services help you stay ahead of industry trends and engage your audience in ways that keep them coming back for more.

  • SeatHero is the groundbreaking new loyalty program from CinemaPlus that offers movie lovers the ultimate cinematic experience while reaping amazing rewards! This unique hybrid frequency/premium program is designed to let your customers earn fantastic discounts and free movies in two simple ways: 1) by frequently attending movies and spending at the theater, and 2) by purchasing premium memberships, add-ons, and subscriptions. Your customers experience the magic of the movies at unbeatable prices with premium perks for the most loyal enthusiasts, while also driving greater loyalty, increased customer visits and higher spending at your cinemas.

  • Syndicated Ticketing , CinemaPlus' exclusive innovative marketing channel, enables your tickets to be sold directly to moviegoers on many of the most popular websites on the internet. You don't have to pay for placement to get on popular, highly-trafficked websites. You keep a share of the ticketing/booking fee and receive your customer data on every sale. Your audiences can buy tickets to your movies, simply & quickly, on the websites they currently visit.

  • CinemaStream by CinemaPlus, enables you to feature powerful content from a variety of alternative content sources - attracting established audiences already hungry for that content. From scheduling and booking the content, to reaching the existing audiences and filling your cinema with those fans - CinemaPlus makes it easy to unlock this exciting new opportunity.


Beautiful Modern Online Ticketing To Help You Fill More Seats

  • Delight Your Users

    Provide a simple, fast and modern transaction they want and expect.

  • Powerful Ticketing Engine

    Robust technical capability and is compatible with your POS.

  • Integrated Concessions Sales

    Let your customers add concessions to their online ticket order, capturing additional revenue when your customers purchase.

  • Simple Implementation

    Easily added to your existing website or we can replace and host your current site.

  • Exhibitor Console for Analytics & Management

    Access your customers data, manage your concessions and see your sales and analytics in a convenient online dashboard.

  • Fully Automated

    Optimized for all devices and always updated without time-consuming maintenance.

  • Modern & Secure Online Transactions

    The most secure, scalable and flexible payments platform available on the market.

  • Flexible Add-Ons

    Subscriptions, loyalty, last-minute seat clearance and much more.

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What Our Clients Say

  • Julie Bravo

    CEO, UltraStar Cinemas

    “I am 100% satisfied with my partnership with CinemaPlus. I would recommend CinemaPlus to any exhibitor looking for a ticketing platform that values their clients as partners.”

  • Rob Mayer

    Owner, Milford Pioneer Theatre

    “CinemaPlus is one of the best companies I've ever worked with. Their platform has been able to make the online ticketing experience enjoyable for our customers. We couldn't be happier with their dedication and expertise.”

  • Jimmy Sweeney

    Owner, Grand Berry Theater

    “CinemaPlus has gone above and beyond as our online ticketing platform. From Day one, they were on board with finding the solution that worked best for our theater, and quickly were able to put together an option that fit with our website. If I ever have an issue or need anything, the CinemaPlus team responds almost immediately with a great solution. I’d highly recommend using CP as your online ticketing provider!”


CinemaPlus is your complete managed web service provider, helping you deliver the best online user experience simply and affordably.

  • Superior Design

    Our user interface design prioritizes fast and easy usability to drive ticket sales from satisfied audience members.

  • Full Support

    Our real-time support is the best available anywhere in the industry. Whether simple questions or complex support inquiries, we've got you covered.

  • Living (Evolving) System

    Your online systems should not be stagnant. They should not be 'delivered' and left unchanged for months, let alone years. We constantly provide ongoing design and functionality evolution.

  • Audience Solutions Innovation

    We're always working to innovate valuable services for you, like seat-first ticketing, premium frequency programs, subscriptions, last-minute discount seat clearance, syndicated ticketing and more.

  • High Availability

    We provide the most scalable high-availability solutions utilizing AWS hosting, CDN distribution and acceleration technologies.

  • Minimum Risks

    No long-term contracts. No monthly fees or hidden charges. If the system doesn't meet your needs, we will help you switch to one that does.

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